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Meets Classic Hospitality

Make every guest feel like a regular.
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Personalized Service

Eliminating cash and credit card exchanges allows your staff to focus on what’s really important: giving your guests the VIP experience.


Tomer Molovinsky

7:00 PM for 2


Ashley Johnson

6:45 PM for 4


Rishi Deshpande

6:00 PM for 2

Faster Payments

End the dining experience on a high note by eliminating the credit card back-and-forth.

Better Security

No more swiping credit cards during peak hours means greater security for you and your guests.

Payment successful


$ 110.42

Tip (20%)

$ 22.08 Enter the tip into the POS

Grand Total

$ 132.50

Happier Guests

In an increasingly cashless world, offer guests the convenience of paying from their phones. They will love you for it.

Accept Apple Pay

More than 800,000 Apple Pay users dine out with the OpenTable app every month — tap into the market.

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